scraper ring

scraper ring
An oil scraper ring

Dictionary of automotive terms. 2015.

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  • scraper ring — noun : a piston ring designed to scrape excess oil from the cylinder wall to prevent its entrance into the combustion chamber * * * scraper ring noun (motoring) A ring fitted on the skirt of a petrol or oil engine piston to prevent excessive oil… …   Useful english dictionary

  • scraper ring — The bottom ring on a piston whose function is to scrape lubricating oil away from the cylinder walls of a reciprocating engine. This prevents the oil from getting into the combustion chamber of the cylinder. Also called a wiper ring …   Aviation dictionary

  • ring — A circular piece or band of metal. See balk ring blocking ring chainring chrome ring compression ring control ring D ring D ring dykes ring fire ring …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • oil ring — The lowermost piston ring that scrapes off excess oil from the cylinder walls and returns it to the oil pan via vents in the ring and piston. The oil ring consists of up to three separate pieces. The two outside pieces are thin rings (rails), and …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • oil control ring — A piston ring designed to scrape oil from the cylinder wall, the ring is of such a design as to allow the oil to pass through the ring and then through holes or slots in the groove. In this way the oil lubricates the cylinder walls and is… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • oil-control ring — noun (motoring) Same as ↑scraper ring (see under ↑scrape) • • • Main Entry: ↑oil …   Useful english dictionary

  • grooved compression ring — A scraper type piston ring …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Top Fuel — Racing is a class of drag racing in which the cars are run on a maximum of 90% nitromethane and about 10% methanol (also known as racing alcohol), instead of gasoline. The cars are purpose built race cars, with a layout superficially resembling… …   Wikipedia

  • Diesel generator — A Cummins diesel generator of 500kVA in a tourist resort in Egypt …   Wikipedia

  • skirt — i. The lower portion of a parachute canopy. ii. The extension of the lower portion of the cylinder of a reciprocating engine below the cylinder base flange into the crankcase. This reduces the overall diameter of the engine; aids lubrication of… …   Aviation dictionary

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